Guest Curation Installation


2.#(hashtag): Maris Salumets, Barbora Namerova

3. PILL(OH!): Vasilios Papapitsios

4. MONUMENTS: Bizzy Barefoot

1. Conversion Therapy

Bev Yockelson

Installation Proposal Narrative

Conversation Therapy is a video loop replicating the dream you might have after falling asleep watching late-night TV. It is a series of affirmations to be repeated. The piece combines found media (in particular, animated GIFs) and lines of original poetry in order to both respond to transphobia within the queer community and reconcile trans identity with mental illness. The video loop is intended to be projected onto a wall or screen with a set of headphones so that the viewer might feel enveloped by both the video loop and the soundtrack.

Bev Yockelson
202 Java Street, #1L
Brooklyn, NY 11222


2. #(hashtag)

Maris Salumets, Barbora Namerova

Installation Proposal Narrative

The #MeToo phenomenon was one of the most important social and political moments of 2017. # aims to take a closer look to this movement’s success and also critique where it is lacking. While everybody can agree that such a campaign and conversation has been much needed and has a positive effect on society, has it given everybody an equal voice?  

The main idea of the installation is to portrait subjective experience via double projection while using skin as the main motif. Our skin covers and protects us and also documents what we are experiencing in day to day life, making it one of the most transparent organs we have. If we could change skins between us, could we understand each other better?

The projections will be accompanied by constant flow of audio taken from actual news of #metoo coverage. This will show the noise we have been experiencing since October 2017 and the shifts in public opinion, creating even greater grey area between right and wrong.

The intention of the project is to open up the questions we all have in our minds in the new Post-Weinstein era, but are too afraid to ask. As important as #MeToo is, and as vital it is that we support it, we must take the discussion to the next level and explore the various perspectives and repercussions in as much depth as possible, so it will not fade into white noise in declining society.


Maris Salumets
Unit H, 71 Ashfield Road
London N41FF
United Kingsom

Screen Shot 2018-03-16 at 3.12.28 PM.png

3.  Pill(OH!) 

Vasilios Papapitsios


Installation Proposal Narrative


A café for the sensual, seductive, and seroconverted souls.

The original #pill(oh!)talk curated by HIV/irl.

Taking you on a journey to inner space through a WiFi balloon to connect us to the vast network of viral illumination happening between folks world-wide #goingviral101.

Inspiration comes from the future of the internet; Google’s balloon Internet project “Loon” which floats WiFi around the world #balloonpowered. HERE we are connecting to the higher purpose of the INternet. My Loon(ey) project focuses on intersectional wellness and combating stigma through soft joy.

Inside the pleasure portal we have 24/7 wifi, nap time, play time, cuddle time, meditation, hold serious or silly conversation, and can even write your own prescriptions for self-care. I see this space to be a calm place where folks can feel uplifted and bright and grounded and re-energized when they emerge. This project will amplify the content from Going Viral 101 in a tangible, interactive and more grounded experience that is ultimately a meditation on the pleasure/joy principle and intimacy rather than continuing the strong rhetoric of pain and fear associated with HIV stigma (or any other stigmas for that matter). It is a womb for people to reflect in, embrace in, and expand in.


Projected: we find ourselves floating, transported to the Pill(OH!) lounge in Los Angeles transmitting the frequencies of pleasure, joy, and light. Performances by LOVERS: Bebe Huxley, Saturn Rising, Ben Cuevas & Niko Mike, Domonique Echeverria & Camille Langston, Mia L. Matthews, Reve Douglas, Tierney Finster & Niko Karamyan, Eleanor Wells & Alex Miller, Eddie Gessford, Jamie Jones, Jesi and Jesica, Dennis Haynes & Aleks Gorski Candido Cornejo, Bashir Naim & Shamu!

Vibrations: sound design incorporates a specially crafted guided meditation to release stigma & fear, ground and clear yourself, and facilitate self-care by 'Universal Mother Healer' Domonique Echeverria and 'SoulTrain Angel' Camille Langston. Find yourself somewhere between soul/data retrieval while our rogue INternet picks up signals from pleasure beings around the world. The audio-scape uses recordings from my archive of hook-ups, stories from Reve Douglas, Universal Mother meditation, and beats by Patrick Belaga. 

Featuring giant anti-retroviral pill(OH!)s created by Ben Cuevas in collaboration with Vasilios Papapitsios, Danimal Oh, and DanYell Aston. Commissioned by #viralillumination. 

The bubble can comfortably contain at least 3-5 individuals. 

#viralillumination #poz4pleasure #hivirl  #transmitlove

Vasilios Papapitsios      (@basil.ios)
Los Angeles, CA


Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 6.15.30 PM.png


Bizzy Barefoot

Installation Proposal Narrative

MONUMENTS is a collection of interactive multimedia sculptures, symbolizing that which has shaped the heart and character of MIX NYC since its inception a monumental 30 years ago, and meant to challenge the individualism usually inherent in these memorial structures, lifting up whole movements rather than single individuals, lifting up QTPOC figures that are continually erased from queer history, giving reverence to unknown microbes, and the great shifts of culture that come from them, and even for the powerfully life affirming specter of death itself.

Since Judas sold Jesus for 30 gold coins, the number 30 has towered in the psyche of human experience as a symbol of things that may be considered nothing less than monumental* . This year MIX NYC experiences something no less monumental, as this unlikely queer underdog of a film festival, lifting its head proudly and with enthusiastic determination from its course and character altering Saturn Return, becomes 30. Helmed by a group of brand new hearts, minds, and faces, MIX marches into a truly monumental moment on a number of symbolic levels. In this spirit, Bizzy Barefoot, long time MIX venue staff, returning to her roots after a hiatus, presents a series of interactive, interdisciplinary “Monuments” that remind us to reflect on what it means for MIX and its devotees to be standing in this hard won place of cultural longevity and relevance.

*monument comes from the Latin monumentum, which variously meant “a reminder, memorial, record, history, literary work,” The word preserves the verb monere, “to call to mind, remind, advise, warn.” And the Latin monere also yields such words monitor, monster (monstrum, “sign, omen, object of dread”), and premonition. So, too, admonish, literally “to warn towards,” and demonstrate, “to point out.”