MIX Festival Merchandise

Selling t-shirts as festival merchandise is part of MIX’s history as far back as 1996. These collectibles for festival attendees are unique fashion pieces which make statements about the zeitgeist surrounding each years’ festival. This year, as part of our 30th anniversary celebration, we will be selling our complete back stock of merchandise both online and at the festival.

MIX encourages artists to use their own styles and interests to craft unique wearable art pieces. We proudly commission renowned fine artists whose work aligns with MIX’s ethos, values, and community to design T-shirts for each festival. These artists include Phoebe Legere, Tala Mateo, Karen Finley, Scott Treleaven, Stephen Lack, Barbara Hammer, LJ Roberts, Ingo Giezendanner, Julie Tolentino, Sasha O’Malley, Kate Huh & Ginger Brooks Takahashi, Diego Montoya & Nickolas Bullock, Carlo Quispe & Ethan Shoshan.

In 2018, we will be offering two merchandise items for sale. Breaking from tradition, we will be selling a canvas tote. This bag displays Sasha O’Malley’s branding designs which explore images of ebb and flow, blurring binary ideas, octopus ink, the ocean as the source of new life and our icon for interior design: pearl. Walker Seydell’s design for this year’s t-shirt pulls from his series of queered airplane safety manuals, highlighting ideas of access, permission, safety, social insularity, and queer decadence in mundane spaces.