MIX International


November 09 – 20, 2016

Since 1993, MIX Brasil has fulfilled its true vocation: to encourage and exhibit the culture of diversity. In addition to film, MIX Brasil’s programming welcomes all of the visual arts, theater and music, providing a broad scope of the cultural movement for LGBTQ people and allies around the planet. For over 20 years MIX Brasil has shown select films in 35 countries and 50 Brazilian cities. Enjoy our extensive program of films, plays, music performances and art exhibitions. 

Associação Cultural MIX Brasil
João Federici



May 29 – June 28, 2014

Mix Mexico was born 18 years ago thanks to the kind support of MIX NYC. Our audiences and filmmakers have reinvented the festival year after year since 1996, allowing it to become sometimes a cult film festival, sometimes a more mainstream one. However it’s still an independent film festival which every year tries to survive the economics of the country, sustain a fruitful conversation with our fierce audience, and be born again and again. We salute and send our love to MIX NYC!!!




June 30 – July 3, 2016

Festival MIX Milano is the only multidisciplinary queer event in Italy, founded in 1993 by Giampaolo Marzi. Formerly known as the Festival Internazionale di Cinema Gay-lesbico e Queer Culture di milano, we entered the loving MIX international family six years ago with the blessing of Jim Hubbard and MIX NYC.




September 30 – October 9, 2016

Since 1985, MIX Copenhagen has screened films that reflect the world’s diversity. The festival was originally known as CGLFF – Copenhagen Gay & Lesbian Film Festival. We joined the MIX family in 2011, and are proud to be one of Denmark’s oldest standing film festivals, and one of the oldest LGBT film festivals in the world, with our 29-year legacy. We are a volunteer organization, fueled entirely by the passion of LGBT film aficionados who make MIX Copenhagen a spectacular event. We are so thankful for the community, the sponsors and everyone who helps us achieve our goal; to present films that bend genders and break sexual boundaries, stir up gender policies and reflect diversity.