Thursday, march 29, 2018

Opening Night

Curated by Flayr Poppins
The selection of films featured in Opening Night are a hint at what's to come at MIX 30. This showcase provides a glimpse into the many varied experiences and issues faced by our community in this day and age. Bringing to the forefront these slices of life sets the stage for further rumination on the state of our union as a community of people with so much in common, yet so much to teach each other.

TRT:  143min.




Sisters of the Wicked Wig

 Adam Golub, Gayatri Kaul, Shane O'Neill
2015, USA, video, color, sound, 78 min.

Two experimental drag queens—whose love for one another is matched only by their ambition to be seen as dominant forces within the gritty drag culture of the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick—create a drag festival in the summer of 2012. Featuring commentary from Warhol superstar Penny Arcade and legendary drag queen Flawless Sabrina (stars of 1968’s The Queen), this story of survival, creativity and family looks at the very process of how queer culture can generate the economic forces that lead to its own displacement.


Jan Soldat

A Ton Age le Chagrin C'est
Alexis Langlois

Laisse Tomber Les Filles
claRa apaRicio-yoldi

Adam Smith
Justin Batchelor

Music for Dead Animals #1
Henry Wilde (aka Antonia Baehr)
Neo Hülcker


Friday, march 30, 2018

The Mirror Tells A Story And It Looks A Lot Like Mine

Curated by Flayr Poppins
Film can expose us to both new ideas and realities as well as hold up a mirror to our own. The Mirror Tells A Story And It Looks a Lot like Mine is a curated contemplation of issues rarely acknowledged due to the hegemonic oppression of the peoples that face them in legal and education systems.

These personal experiences, especially those of gender-variant folks, non-English speakers, and/or sex workers are erased by society. The queer and trans community is especially cognizant of these issues: these stories look like ours. Marginalized groups aren’t able to access economy in "normal" ways, so they often have to live on the fringe, never feeling prioritized or seen.


Gabey and Mike
Alexis Mitchell
Stephanie Markowitz
Hedia Maron

Take a Walk on the Wildside
Lisa Rideout

A Vancouver
Vincent Chevalier

Rachika S
Biki Zoom
Neo Sora

Noise Opera
Lucia Honey

— 7 PM


RE: Orientations

Richard Fung
2016, Canada, video, color, sound, [closed caption available], 68 min. 

In 1984, Richard Fung released Orientations: Lesbian and Gay Asians, the first documentary to explore the experiences and perspectives of queer Asians in North America. Capturing pivotal moments in Toronto’s history, it presents an intimate portrait of the texture of gay lives and politics at that time. Re:Orientations revisits seven of the original participants as they see anew the footage of their younger selves, and reflect on their lives and all that has changed over the intervening three decades. Their interviews are deepened and contextualized by conversations with six younger queer and trans activists, scholars and artists.



—9 PM


Curators' Choice

Curated by The 2018 Programming Committee
Much like our wonderful community that often serves as a safe haven for those who feel as though they don't belong anywhere else, these pieces are amazing 'square pegs' that we could not leave on the cutting room floor. This is a hand-picked showcase by our 2018 Programming Committee that celebrates the oddities of MIX 30.

The result is an eclectic curation of films that puts a spotlight on topics that, despite not quite applying to other MIX 30 showcases, are nonetheless illuminating.

TRT: 72min.


Efficient Story
claRa apaRicio-yoldi

182 cm Queenie
La JohnJoseph

Lil' Tokyo Story
Matthew Lax

Blow Job 2017
Todd Verow
Charles Lum

Onward Loseless Follows
Micheal Robinson

— 11 PM


Double Feature Horror/Comedy Picture Show

Curated by Arthur Kay Singleton
Nothing could encapsulate the spirit of the queer experience better than the intersection of comedy and horror. Upon viewing this selection of films, viewers may not be able to tell which are which, and that may be the point--to demonstrate that experiences are often both.

In everything hilarious, there may be darkness, and frightening experiences are sometimes those at which we look back on after we've grown and chuckle at our own naiveté. Films that both tickle and terrify us can leave an odd taste in our mouths and an indistinguishable, perhaps conflicted, feeling in our gut. We're simultaneously drawn to and repelled by these stories.

TRT: 97min.


2 Spirit Dreamcatcher Dot Com
Thirza Cuthand

Thirza Cuthand

Cheeto Side of Heaven
Ethan Shoshan

Metanoia Metanoia
Joshua Alexander Matteo

Stan Madray
Christian Stella
Sameer Nurani
Elise Stella

1st Day & Next Minute
Sara Koppel

Twirl Diary 21
Roger Kingsepp

— 1 AM


Saturday, march 31, 2018

Sweet & Silver Salute

Curated by Rachel Moldauer
Intergenerational relationships within the queer community--both on an individual basis in a romantic, sexual or platonic capacities as well as between demographics at large--can be enlightening. But for many reasons, from ageism and youth worship to the AIDS crisis, these relationships can be fraught with misunderstanding. Sweet & Silver Salute is both an homage to our queer elders as well as a contemplation on the issues they faced, from both inside and outside perspectives.

TRT: 90min.


Coming of Age
Jan Soldat

Jerret Robert Austin

Fever Freaks
Frédéric Moffet

Hattie Goes Cruising
Konstantin Bock

— 6 PM




Kairos Dirt & the Errant Vacuum

Madsen Minax
2017, USA, video, color, sound, 90 min.

Kairos Dirt & the Errant Vacuum follows the strange happenings of two middle school lunch ladies, a genderqueer student, a lesbian hospice provider, a grieving ministry worker, a mystical mortician and an astrologer/phone sex operator.

A series of collective dreams follows a trans-worldly being invading the consciousness of each character, ultimately revealing an alternate realm of latent, subconscious desires.

Set amid the post-industrial decay of the American south, interconnected relationships form unusual and fantastic landscapes as television monitors, radio frequencies, orifices and dreams all become portals through which both characters and MIX guests may access this alternate dimension of carnality and longing.

Kairos Dirt & the Errant Vacuum is a film that is both profound and whimsical, coherent and absurd, and may provoke a reaction along the lines of “OMG LOL WTF!”

OMG TECH! OMG GENDERQUEER PROTAGONIST BASELINE! Kairos Dirt has technical prowess for days, from the richness of color, to the amazing audio mix and music supervision that is just as important as the visuals, to the care that went to placing it’s frenetic cultural signposts. Kairos Dirt is a film that centers around a non-binary youth, living in a non-patriarchal household that loves them. The norms that surround mainstream films--stories that end with the couple finally getting together, or the deviant eventually meeting an on-stage end--that’s not here.

WTF LOGIC! It’s a great pleasure when a film approaches things so different that you don’t have a map to go by, but nonetheless there is an architecture, allowing you to ride along with it, and every minute becomes a surprise.

LOL PERFORMANCE! The performances are raw and untrained in the best possible way, like they were cast because folks knew that Rosie is perfect for inflecting the right balance of feels in response to backhanded compliments.

“I wanted to make a queer film that showed differently-sized, trans and gender-ambiguous bodies engaging beyond the politics of queerness.”
—Madsen Minax

— 8 PM


We Agree, Black and Brown Lives Matter

Curated by Ferrin Solano
In the world’s ever-tumultuous sociopolitical climate, it's never been more important to affirm that yes, BROWN AND BLACK LIVES MATTER!

To this end, MIX 30 strives to elevate the narratives of artists of color and their crucial stories. MIX 30 holds at its center space for these stories of migration, assimilation and asylum, geopolitics and gentrification, desire, disappointment and dis/identifications.

TRT: 61min.


The World is Round... Part 1
Leandro Goddinho

This Night, Who is Gonna Cry for You
Dolissa Medina

100 Boyfriends Mixtape Short
Brontez Purnell

Two Snakes
Kristin Li


Black enuf*
Carrie Hawks

Home, a Queer Cooking Series: Untitled Queen
Michael Chernak
Untitled Queen

The World is Round... Part 2
Leandro Goddinho

— 10 PM





Curated by Rachel Moldauer
A celebration of sexual desire that goes beyond identity to convey both kinky and commonplace experiences of intimacy. NSFW is a multifaceted meditation on sex--from gay porn aesthetics and the solitary home porn viewer to delightfully blasphemous and raunchy retellings of religious stories. Stigmata play? Check. A vagina smoking a cigarette? You know it. Enjoy your trip.


The Doubting of St. Thomas
Yonadav Greenwood

Fly Hole
Malic Amalya

Daniel McIntyre

Érica Sarmet

Johnny R. Demented
Fred Morin

Nathan Hill

Guitar Idol
Kolmel W. Love

Furniture Porn Project
Antoine Heraly

— 1 AM



Here and Now: Meditations on the Contemporary State of HIV/AIDS

Curated by Jim Hubbard
In the late 1980s and early 1990s, thousands of AIDS Activist Videos were made by scores of grassroots videomakers, but with the diminution of direct political AIDS activism and the advent of protease inhibitors, the production of video decreased as well.

The political, social and medical conditions around HIV/AIDS have changed dramatically, and desperately need a new generation of moving imagemakers to explore the ramifications of these changes.

Here are eight examples of recent explorations of HIV/AIDS, in hopes that this will inspire many more videos.

TRT: 81 min.


DiAna's Hair Ego REMIX
Ellen Spiro
Cheryl Dunye

Stones and Water Weight
Mykki Blanco

Going Viral 101
Vasilios Papapitsios

Xena Ellison

The Positive YouTubers
Leandro Goddinho

PrEP in the Ballroom Scene
Luna Luis Ortiz

Red Red Red
David Oscar Harvey



— 6 PM


Design of the Decades

Curated by Flayr Poppins
The Design of the Decades showcase presents a stellar group of three mini-showcases by three different curators who have been involved with MIX over the past three decades.

SARAH SCHULMAN, who co-founded MIX in 1987 with Jim Hubbard, is a novelist, playwright, screenwriter, nonfiction writer, and AIDS historian. She is the author of 18 books, most recently The Cosmopolitans, which Publishers Weekly chose as one of the best American novels of 2016, and Conflict is Not Abuse, winner of the Publishing Triangle Nonfiction Prize. Sarah is currently collaborating with Icon Marianne Faithful on The Snow Queen, a stage play featuring 24 songs from Marianne's career. Sarah is on the advisory board of Jewish Voice for Peace, and Claudia Rankine's Racial Imaginary Institute. She is faculty advisor to Students for Justice in Palestine at the College of Staten Island where she a Distinguished Professor. With Matt Brim and Linda Villarosa, she is co-founder of the HIV/AIDS Studies Institute at the City University of New York.

In 2007, RAJENDRA ROY joined The Museum of Modern Art as The Celeste Bartos Chief Curator of Film, a role in which he leads the Museum’s year-round initiatives to exhibit and preserve works from its collection of about 27,000 titles. In collaboration with colleagues at MoMA and partner institutions, he has organized exhibitions including Pedro Almodovar (2016), Bruce LaBruce (2015), Wim Wenders (2015), The Berlin School: Films from the Berliner Schule (2013), Tim Burton (2011), and Mike Nichols (2009). For the Museum’s imprint, Mr. Roy authored (with Anke Leweke) The Berlin School: Films from the Berliner Schule (2013).



STEPHEN WINTER is an award-winning filmmaker and artist whose new show Adventures in New America, an afro-futuristic sci-fi radio satire series, premieres Spring 2018 on the Night Vale Network. His 2015 feature film Jason and Shirley was called “one of the year’s finest” by Richard Brody in The New Yorker. His award-winning 1996 debut film Chocolate Babies premiered at the Berlin Film Festival and enjoyed a 2016 revival at New York's Anthology Film Archives and at the Los Angeles Hammer Museum in 2018. In 2004, Stephen was co-director of MIX NYC experimental queer film festival and produced Jonathan Caouette’s landmark “narci-cinema” feature documentary Tarnation (A.O. Scott, New York Times) which premiered at Sundance, Cannes, LAIFF and NYFF. He has worked creatively with Lee Daniels on The Butler, The Paperboy and Precious, John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig & The Angry Inch) and David France (The Death & Life Of Marsha P. Johnson and How To Survive A Plague).

Curated by Sarah Schulman

Abigail Child

Two Marches
Jim Hubbard

The Male Gayze
Jack Waters

First Comes Love
Su Friedrich

Nino Rodriguez

Song From an Angel
David Weissman

Curated by Rajendra Roy

Anie Stanley & Patty Chang

Chocolate Babies

Stephen Winter


Curated by Stephen Winter

Shroom Trip Opera
Liam Lynch

Bad At Dancing
Joana Arnow

Memory Tracks
Jamika Ajalon

Salvation Army
Scott Treleaven

Love Comix
Barry Shills

— 8 PM