Staff & Credits


Dusty Lynn Childers (Dusty Tea Shoulders/ @duddylynn) directs, dramaturges, acts, conjures costumes, styles, speaks their truth in front of audiences, drags it up periodically, sings (albeit out of tune) and instructs the future via the classroom. His body and body of work has graced the likes of St. Anne's Warehouse, Sid Gold's Request Room, Joe's Pub, Abrons Art Center, The Wild Project, Dixon Place, Don't Tell Mama, Rockwood Music Hall, The Slipper Room, Judson Memorial Church, International Center of Photography, Parsons, The Mix Festival, La Mama, Metropolitan Bar, The Delancey, NY Live Arts, Irving Plaza, Bureau Of General Services Queer Division, Wise Men, The Whitney, BAM, Governor's Ball,  The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, This n' That, Metropolitan Bar, House of Yes, Bushwick Bizarre, Drom, The Deep End, and the Soho Playhouse. He has worked with Justin Sayre, Taylor Mac, Nayland Blake, Ana Matronic, Heather Acs, Mister Wallace, Big Dipper, Miguel Gutierrez, Silas Howard, World Famous *BOB*, Xavier Smith, Bridget Barkan and Amber Martin (among others).



Lisa Marie Alatorre, MA is a community organizer and educator with over 18 years professional work experience from an anti-prison industrial complex (PIC) and anti-oppression movement building framework. Born and raised in Peoria, Arizona, she is currently based out of Middle Tennessee. Her past work experience as a social worker, community organizer, policy advocate, and educator have based her in Seattle, Chicago, New Orleans, Los Angeles, and the Bay Area. Her work as a community organizer and policy advocate have had direct impacts on preserving the rights of people of color and homeless & poor people locally and nationally, including fighting back criminalization, incarceration, and demanding housing and basic needs. Some examples of her campaign work, in multimedia form, with the San Francisco Coalition On Homelessness can be viewed here.

Lisa Marie earned her Masters Degree from the University of Chicago in Social Service Administration where she focused on Community Organizing and Public Policy. Lisa Marie was also a 2011 Women’s Policy Institute Fellow and recipient of the 2014 Berger-Marks Foundation Edna Award of Distinction for Women Leaders Under 35. She also served on the 2016 San Francisco Working Group to Re-Envision the Jail Project. She currently sits on the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness‘ Board of Directors and was formerly on-staff as the Human Rights Coordinator for 4 years prior. Additionally, Lisa Marie is a co-founder of Rhizome Consulting Project and the Chicago-based Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois and has worked as the National Campaign Director for Critical Resistance.

Her long list of passions include voraciously reading, traveling anywhere, cooking+baking, making/altering clothes, community gardening, volunteering, learning, and media-making.



Kate Huh is a NYC based artist/activist. She has exhibited her visual art, installations and films in the United States and internationally since 1982.  

Her work has been shown at The International Center for Photography Museum, The Brooklyn Museum, The Leslie Lohman Museum, Taller Latino Americano, University of Milan, New York University, Het Roze Breekijzer and many other venues. Her artwork and films are included in the permanent collections of The Leslie Lohman Museum, Bildwechsel Archive (Hamburg) and the MoMA Artist Books Collection.

She has curated film screenings for CUNY CLAGS, Queeruption Berlin, Queeruption Tel Aviv, The ALMS Conference, The Netherlands Transgender Film Festival, Transcreen Film Festival and MIX NYC (as a member of the programming committee from 2002- 2005 and as the MIX Festival co-director from 2006-2009.)

Her work appears in the following books; "Time Capsule, a Concise Encyclopedia of Women Artists" Creative Time 1995, "Caught in the Act, Photographs by Dona Ann McAdams"  Aperture Foundation 1996, "A Girl's Guide to Taking Over the World: Writings from the Girl Zine Revolution" Macmillan 1997, "Queer Zines" Printed Matter 2008, "Cruising the Archive" ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archive 2011, "Herstory Inventory" Dancing Fox Press 2014 and “Cock, Paper, Scissors” ONE Archive 2016



Mark “Flash” Blacklow, serving as the new Operations and Logistics Coordinator, comes from an extensive background in electoral campaigns and union organizing. In happier political times (2010) he moved to New York to refocus his efforts on non-profit management, particularly the unique opportunities and challenges of arts organizations. Since than he has helped facilitate several years of MIX, as well as events with Le Petit Versailles Community Garden and Forest of the Future. In 2015 he and his partner started W.H.A,C., the Washington Heights Arts and Comics art project in association with Allied Productions. Although an unfortunate bout of gentrification eventually forced them to abandon that project (and Manhattan entirely) Mark is extremely excited and grateful for the opportunity to help move MIX into a renewed era of engagement between artists, audiences, and activists.



Jonathan Clarence Parrish Spence (also known as Thee Suburbia - @theesuburbia) is a social media and PR consultant, drag artist and actor. In the past, he has worked at So So Def Recordings in social media and innovative marketing for Jermaine Dupri. Moving along, he covered New Years fashion week and many other events in New York and Chicago for Carmelo Anthony's online lifestyle blog He also has a spooky drag alter ego called ‘Thee Suburbia’. You can find him/ her performing all around NYC and other locations in the states as well.



Shei Phan’s work has been described as both striking and prismatic, employing a stochastic method of painting where chaos meets formula. By utilizing an array of disparate media and subjects, she conveys the fantasy derived from her vivid dream states as a form of personal therapy. While her preferred medium is oil on canvas, she is also a skilled sculptor crafting clay, wire and metal materials to explore other dimensions of her subconsciousness coalescing the many facets of her creativity. Her individual pieces each elicit inexplicable and varied emotions creating an experiential journey into her soul. Her technique, rooted in surrealism, manipulates an acutely fine sense of color, texture and space to an almost photographic quality, using her own portfolio as a model as the subject. From the age of twelve, Shei began refining her talents as an artist and sculptor, and eventually as a model, would expand her awareness of light, composition and form. Her career in modeling would lead her to become a top five finalist of America’s Next Top Model bringing her recognition and a global following. It allowed her to discover a new form of creativity through the manipulation of her very self and body in photography, yet left her yearning to express a voice lost in the static image. It would become the impetus for an exploration of concept creation, not limited to being in front of a camera, realized through an entirely new interactive body of work.



Catiriana Reyes, popularly known as Sparklez has been seen as an operatic soprano, DJ, and nightlife personality is proud to be joining the support staff of the 30th anniversary Mix Fest as Development associate. Reyes is a senior at Goddard College pursuing an Individualized Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science and Public Policy.  For the past 20 years, she has been a broad-based social justice activist and political organizer working within the intersections of People of Color, LGBTQI-GNC, Women and Labor communities.



Suzie Hart is a Manhattan-based event producer, installation artist, and NYU adjunct professor.  She was raised in rural Maine and moved to New York City in 2004 after completing a Bachelor's degree in anthropology from Rutgers University.  She also hold dual Master's degrees in Education and History, with focuses in gender and artistic communities. Historical and fantastical themes run through both her art and work.



Flayr Poppins (Maurice Watkins-Williams) has spent the past twelve years activating and advocating in the LGBTQI-GNC community across the country through education, empowerment, film, laughter and food. Flayr has lived an ambitious life of artistry by organic design that yields an innumerable number of skill sets and experience. Flayr Poppins attended Le Cordon Bleu Academy - Austin and has studied with several award-winning chefs and best selling authors. Journalism at the helm, Flayr has always been on a rigorous pursuit for knowledge and education beginning at Northwestern University (Medill School of Journalism) and continuing at the University of Texas - Austin with a concentration in Nonprofit Administration and Business Management, which has led to a lifelong journey of facilitation and actualization of queer greatness along the way. Flayr spends majority of their time problem-solving on the front lines, working toward establishing healing for many within community through organizing events for many urban and rural farming projects, radical communities and collectives. As a gatekeeper and steward of different QTIBPOC projects focused on healing and equality, creating transparent and accessible safer spaces is a passion that translates through the integritous approach Flayr takes to being both ‘human and kind’ as a director.  



Molly Ryan is an artist and writer living and working in Brooklyn. She studied Interdisciplinary Sculpture at Kansas City Art Institute and Maryland Institute College of Art with a specialty in Folklore studies. Molly started performance traveling the country with Whoop Dee Doo, an artist-led project and non-profit organization that creates ambitious installations and live performances internationally. Molly is an art fabricator with a specialty in foam figurative work. She has been working and performing New York nightlife since she moved in 2013. You can find her giving shows and installations all around New York.



Ari Rosenbaum
This is Ari’s third year working as Merchandise Coordinator for MIX. He comes to his work having managed ecommerce websites for Broadway. When first involved with MIX, Ari was also known as Ariana Huffenstuff, a drag persona that helped him focus his other passions into a career. He has been involved with theater and film his whole life and loves that he has the MIX community as a queer family which intersects with these passions.

Ari has been creatively telling stories his whole life, and now he "tells stories with faces and skin." For the past 3 years, Ari has honed a career as a beauty, character, special effects makeup artist and groomer, specializing in film and video production. Having been working as a freelance artist since 2014, Ari is proud to be a new member of IATSE Union Local 798.



Alissa Todd is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter, actress and performance artist. She is 1/2 of the folk duo Captain Black + the Maiden. This duo can be seen performing in various venues around Brooklyn and Manhattan. Along with being a trained singer Alissa is also a trained actress having graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a B.A in Theater. Her theater credits include Smokey Joe's Cafe (Off Broadway), Sweet Charity (Marymount Manhattan) along with several NYC based cabarets. When she is not working on her music and art you can find here working at your favorite parties. This is her first time working with Mix NYC and she couldn't be happier to be a part of this fantastic team!





Bizzy Barefoot is a radical queer, transgender artist, activist, communitarian, and Faerie. Her 30 year artistic career has been evenly divided between performance and visual art. She has performed on hundreds of stages all around the United States, in Canada and Europe, and has served as Artistic Director for the Pittsburgh Queer Theater Festival, and for two successful theater companies in Pittsburgh and NYC, of which she was also a co-founder. In addition she's a longtime member of the critically acclaimed experimental performance group, The Nerve Tank in NYC. As visual artist and activist, she has spent 9 years working with MIX NYC, and for the last 6 of them, as an in-house venue designer. She's also co-designed and built installations and puppets for the likes of Greenpeace, Gawker Magazine, Pace University, and The People's Climate March, and has been featured in Vice and I.D. Magazines as well as in the Visuals AIDS Anniversary exhibition at LaMama Galleria. She has worked as stage/costume and media designer, window designer, and portrait artist. Her present focus is the powerful confluence of art making and community building, manifesting in the making of elaborate and immersive, community built T.A.Z.s (Temporary Autonomous Zones) in which queer community can deeply explore itself outside the critical and often punitive eye of heterosexual culture and the law. She holds degrees in theatre and music. Jason and Shirley is her first major film project.



gage of the boone is a multimedia artist who yields a body of work that is primarily based on costume and performance art. His work ranges from small solo performances involving wearable art to larger installation based pieces that sometime involves multiple performers. He has trained in dance since the age of 4, from ballet to breakdancing to butoh. In 2007, he graduated from CCAC with an individualized BFA consisting of Fashion, installation, sculpture and performance. Conceptually his work is based around dreams and the body’s capabilities. For the past six years, gage of the boone has been the Creator/Producer and facilitator of the LGBTQ+ performance art space now in Ridgewood (formerly known as “The Spectrum”)  called “The Dreamhouse”.



Devon Gallegos
Raised by wild televisions in the Los Angeles suburbs and nourished by the city's staple crop of dreams, Devon Gallegos has worked in financial service office environments since he was 12, helping his mom with clerical tasks at a day rate of 2 pizza bagels, $20 bucks in comics, and access to the branch manager's fancy cable TV. (Fun Fact: in the mid-90s one had to drive to Century City to get their AbFab fix, five miles, uphill, in the SoCal snows.)

Devon has a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Southern California, where he helped film school friends with their projects on both sides of the camera, and fell in love with the collaboration and chaos of production. While pursuing an MFA in fiction at Columbia University, Devon started as a volunteer for MIX in 2006, which has led to roles at various arts non-profits and artist collectives: as an administrative assistant for The Film-Makers' Cooperative, as Program Manager for the community garden and art space Le Petit Versailles, as prop master for the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance's holiday shows, and as a production/scriptwriting consultant for the WRRQ Collective.

Devon's fiction has been read at the Underground Lounge, KGB, Parkside Lounge, and Envoy Gallery, with various performances at Collective:Unconscious, Le Petit Versailles, the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, the Emily Harvey Gallery, Nowhere Bar, and The Cock. Devon's only scratch animation film showed once at Microscope Gallery before disappearing, and Devon's visual work has appeared in PLOT zine, at La Mama Galleria for Visual AIDS 25th Anniversary exhibition, and in a zine collaboration with Patrick "Plush" Arias, Tales of the Arcane Mythofags of Bushwick, soon-to-be available at mom-and-popper shops near you. Special skills include corporate archery, folk naps, and stage combat.



Zak Krevitt is a Leo. Born in Los Angeles in 1991, Krevitt is a photographer and animator who has spent over a decade dedicating his time and energy to furthering LGBTQ+ causes and visibility. Organizing Prop 8 protests and Trevor Project fundraisers as the founder and president of his high school GSA led to a career in photojournalism where he focused his lens on topics affecting the community at large.   Most recently, he has began working at the newly launched queer publication 'Them.' as a producer and motion designer. Zak has worked with the press in various ways over the years, interacting with editors and writers to get queer content pushed out to the masses. This year, he has continued this effort as the MIX Press Coordinator.



Avory Agony is a queer, gender non conforming, Asian-American and native New Yorker who has been living in Brooklyn for 13 years. They have been doing community work and nightlife event organizing in NYC and nationally, for over a decade and has been attending and involved with MIX Fest for over 15 years. Avory was a founding producer for the Brooklyn based monthly dance party “Hey Queen!” that ran for 8 years bringing together a diverse queer community, supported social justice causes and played a large part in changing the landscape of NYC nightlife at the time.

Since then they have continued in their dedicated service to holding space and spiritual healing for queers incorporating intuitive energetic work, supporting artists in their vision and event curation. They are passionate about executing large concepts with DIY sensibilities and as a love letter for the varieties of ways that queer community has saved them and has been their primary family unit as an adult. These days they direct their sacred party magic as a booker, curator and artist whisper for the annual festival “IDApalooza’s Fruit Jam” in middle Tennessee a multi-day queer camping/music/cultural festival as well as a creator of “Filth in the Pines” a Brooklyn style pool party in a mansion in America’s oldest queer summer get away, Fire Island’s Pines community. In addition, they are also an astrologer with a healing practice that works with clients in a variety of intuitive healing modalities. As an extension of their spiritual work and lifestyle, Avory also loves hosting visitors from out of town and sharing with queers their favorite parts and unique perspectives on NYC.

Catch them and their new passion project "Buffet" a femme centered play party, tri-annually every fire sign month at the Dreamhouse.



José Cuevas is NYC based A1 (experimental) film aficionado, classical vocalist, and currently works in philanthropy and medical research.  José is a co-founding member of the NYC based film club, LezCom – centered on viewing and celebrating the queer eye in cinema. A Kansan at heart, José has called NYC home for the past 20 years.  While losing count of the exact number of MIX festivals he’s attended since the late 90’s, he’s excited to make this his 8th festival on staff.



Carlo Maria Ampil found the outlet to his despair upon immigrating to the United States through the MIX Festival more than a decade ago. There, he took part in community, learning from artists like Jack Waters and Peter  Cramer (among others) about the heavy support (emotional, logistical, financial) necessary for artistic expression to "happen."



Danny Taylor (aka DJ A Village Raid / Donnatella) has been a major fixture in the queer NY & London underground nightlife scene for years. The England born artist, composer and DJ has been responsible for running the sound and curating The Spectrum -now The Dreamhouse - one of the best and safest venues in NY to mix queer DNA of art, music, community and sexual freedom.



Sasha O'Malley hates writing bios, and is tired of designing things people can read easily. Hire him at



Walker Seydell is a mixed-media artist from Baltimore, MD. He graduated in 2012 from the Maryland Institute College of Art with a BFA in Painting. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He has made works that have explored themes of queer consumerism, self-promotion, mass media, and “safe space.” He currently helps with event programming at The Dreamhouse and is working on a new body of paintings that twist airplane safety source images into a queer narrative.



Jack Jackson is a video and film producer and based in New York. They have spent the past 3 years producing branded content for clients such as Vogue Italia, King Kong Mag, NY City Ballet among many others. Jack was born in Los Angeles but spent the majority of his childhood growing up in the Bay area, spent a few years in Atlanta before ultimately relocating to NY in 2012. He is one half of fraternal twins who have their sun in Libra with a Gemini rising.

Jack has been a staple in queer night life, LGBTQ community building and performance based art in NY and globally for the past 7 years. Currently he is running the film production department at one of NY's top creative agencies Art and Commerce Film.



DAMIEN LUXE is a Brooklyn-based queer femme liberationist artist, digital technologist, writer, and community organizer who creates, produces and performs political and participatory multimedia works all over the US, Canada, and the web.

Grounded in working-class experience, Damien honors herstory with a feminist lens. She values community and socially-engaged arts, works with LGBTQ communities across the continent, has toured personal and collaborative DIY art since 2004, and co-founded Heels on Wheels, a nationally-awarded performance project.

Damien has been a Board Member of MIX since 2015. Learn more about her at

Aden Hakimi is a first generation Persian-American director, editor, actor, and voice-over artist. He’s performed on stage and screen for directors such as Shirin Neshat, Saheem Ali, Jess Barbagallo, Adam Henry Garcia, etc. He is the founder of Silver Crown, a Brooklyn-based production/creative agency with clients including Google, MTV, Housing Works, Simon & Schuster, and more. He has two cats: Pip and Little Bit.



John Ersing is a copywriter, editor, essayist and poet whose favorite lie is that he was the giggling baby in Aaliyah's “Are You That Somebody?". He lives in Brooklyn with his collection of Britney Spears fragrances.